ouo: (manga + still life with flowers)
probably not jules ([personal profile] ouo) wrote2012-01-13 01:55 am

(no subject)

Hi, my Dreamwidth! Man, so empty... and it will probably stay that way. I can't handle multiple social networks unless I use them completely differently and 90% of the people here are on plurk too.

Oh well, hopefully we'll get the same kind of communities as LJ has eventually!! (Which reminds me, I ought to make a classic shoujo comm... I'd like to do a Kazeki one but I feel like if you put together everything that people would post about every classic shoujo fandom you'd have a maybe kind of active community.) C'est la vie.

Also maybe I will remember how to write things that aren't RP tags and then I can finish fanfic again, that would be nice.

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