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[community profile] colors_tcg log!

June 12th
joined // +Feel05, Klarerwind17, Slacker08, Strict06, Cold08, Jump14, Childstar07, Childstar14
june 11th release post // +Military08, Lolita16, Haven07, Monk02, Marchenland19, Scientific04, Boy-Crazy09, Chamomile08, Usagaimimi09
trade with [personal profile] portaling // -Marchenland19 +Caelin17
trade with [personal profile] secretambition // -Klarerwind17 +ManiKatti13
trade with [personal profile] admiral // -Scientific04 +Military01

June 13th
anniversary event 08 // +Caelin10, Celebration08
anniversary event 05 // +Escaped05, Psybeam14, Celebration05
anniversary event 02 // +Admire15, Celebration02
trade with [personal profile] miyoungie // -Psybeam19 +Wolfbeil05

June 14th
bonus signup cards // +Phoenix10, Yakisoba15
anniversary event 12 // +Childstar13, Celebration12
anniversary event 11 // +Celebration11, blue crayon

June 15th
switch it up (June 8th post) // -Escaped05 +Adepts05

June 16th
colors quiz round 1 // +Misandry01, Ragnarok05, China20, Macot01, Guarddog19
colors quiz round 2 // +Aqua10, Vassal15, Ore-sama03, Rollout10, Mom11
trade with [personal profile] tadakatsu // -Feel05 +Childstar10
trade with [personal profile] despedia // -China20 +Caelin20
trade with [personal profile] adurotum -Jump14 +Anima07

June 17th
anniversary event 4 // +Knife08, Homicidal11, Celebration04, orange crayon
switch it up (June 8th post) // -Ragnarok05 +Admire18
anniversary event 6 // +Caelin13, Celebration06

June 18th
anniversary event 16 // +Military13, Celebration16
recycled art! // +Babbit13, Manikatti09, Manikatti10, Manikatti15, Uranus01, Uranus09, Uranus11, Uranus16, Uranus19, Uranus20
trade with [personal profile] secretambition // -Homicidal11, Ore-sama03 +Falchion11, Misandry 13

June 19th
anniversary event 3 // +Childstar03, Celebration03
trade with [personal profile] portaling // -Knife08 +Dresses1

June 21st
anniversary event 1 // +Nests08, Advisor19, Celebration01
anniversary event 18 // +Refreshing11, Raven13, Celebration18
pokéradar 148 // +Glory19, Red06
scrapbook theme poll // +Bowwow07, Singing16, Duck09

June 22nd
trade with [personal profile] portaling // -Raven13 +Peterpan10
trade with [personal profile] eclair // -Vassal14 + Falchion12
trade with [profile] nagiot // -Strict06 +Manikatti07
anniversary event 20 // +Celebration20
anniversary event 10// +Heian16, Converted10, Celebration10
trade with [personal profile] ceesoo -Glory19, Mascot01 +Ostia05, Admire16
Seiyuu Guess 126 // +Admire01, Void Gear16, Theater18
Switch it up 73 // -Guarddog19, Converted10 +Durandal20, Peach07
trade with [personal profile] needles // -Theater 18 + Durandal20

June 23rd
colors quiz round 3 // +Daathic12, Tuna13, Heroic05, East20, Faint02, Kill16, Cooking18

June 24th
anniversary event 9// +Ostia07, Anima14, Celebration09
pokéradar 148 // +Tempest19, Baker02
anniversary event 14 // +Caelin16, Celebration14
anniversary event 17 // +Childstar16, Admire02, Celebration17
anniversary event 13 // +Marimo09, Letter02, Celebration13
anniversary event 7 // +Caelin07, Celebration07
trade with [personal profile] triacedia // -Cooking18 +Ostia15
trade with [personal profile] portaling // -Marimo09 +Angel03

June 25th
trade with [personal profile] mllelaurel // -Tempest19 +Lipstick18
trade with [personal profile] portaling // -Heroic05 +Naska04 (sketchpad complete!)

June 26th
trade with [personal profile] ankari // -Bowwow01 + Falchion14
trade with [personal profile] phibby // -Cold08 +Manikatti18

June 27th
sketchpad turn-in // +Solarhands03, Batanima15, brown crayon
Conan's Clues 150 // +Gravity17, Issachar20

June 28th
anniversary event 19 // +Ostia16, Childstar01, Celebration19

June 29th
switch it up! // -Voidgear16 +Dreadlocks19
colors quiz round 4 // +098814, Harsh07, Bolverk06, Sister18, Millenium01, Shibuya07

June 30th
trade with [personal profile] teto // -East20 +Childstar20
trade with [personal profile] tempestuously // -Kill16, Batanima15 +Soldier06, Adepts11
anniversary event 15 // +Celebration15, Orange Crayon
Level up! Orange! // +Gourmet10, Zephyr03, Childstar19, yellow crayon

July 1st
Mastered Celebration! // +Iris15, Brain09, Conclusions06, yellow crayon, instant mastery of Noble!
recycled art! // +Falchion08, Locket09, Locket10, Locket16, Misandry10, Misandry15, Misandry16, Wolfbeil06, Wolfbeil14, Wolfbeil15
trade with [profile] aaveplzgo// -Letter02 +Falchion02

July 2nd
recycled art! // +Angel13, Korobokkuru06, Korobokkuru07, Korobokkuru13, Logic15, Logic16, Naska06, Naska20, Ragnell02, Ragnell08
trade with [personal profile] reneetwist // -Heian16 +Dresses09

July 3rd
Costume party 150 // +3moles05, Strategy08, Astronomy15

July 6th
trade with [personal profile] portaling // -Aqua10, Refresing11 +Dresses05, Seminar15
Switch it up! // -Issichar20, Haven07 +Elite01, Peterpan01
Pokeraidar 150 // +Solarhands12, Ghibli07
Neku's Music Station 151 // +Lancecorp11, Yamaken15, Motocycle18
Pokeraidar 151 // +Landlady09, Heart17

July 5th
trade with [personal profile] tadakatsu // -Conclusions06, +Ragnell01

July 6th
June deck donations // +Cap03, Hairclips07, Ridiculous19, purple crayon; Virtual16, Ruinmode10, Hostile05, green crayon; Swimming10, Drinking01, Shattered07, purple crayon
trade with [personal profile] vandalized // -Landlady09, +Admire07
trade with [personal profile] mori // -Virtual16 +Manikatti01
July release post! // +Soothsayer16, With Love07, Café17, Fulfill01, Woodpecker01, Innuendos16, Landgod04, Docodemo07, Detectives10
trade with [profile] barada // -Landgod04, +Soothsayer03
trade with [personal profile] magikarp // -Docodemo07, +Soothsayer04
trade with [personal profile] oniclaws // -Slacker08, +Petshop15

July 7th
Switch it up! // -Astronomy15 +Admire03
Colors quiz round 5 // +Centurio18, Heropon07, Entertainer14, Perutan15, Plunder20, Jinchuu15, Tackle10
trade with [personal profile] dialny // -Rollout10 +Ragnell12
trade with [personal profile] heurassein // -Tuna13 +Soothsayer19
trade with [profile] aaveplzgo // -Heart17 +Attache11
trade with [personal profile] portaling // -Woodpecker01, Ghibli07 +Soothsayer01, Admire03
trade with [personal profile] shinsengumi // -Tackle07 +Childstar06 (sketchpad complete!)
trade with [personal profile] moes // -Innuendos16, +Soothsayer02
Recycled art! // +Angel05, Dreadlocks02/03/05/07/09/18, Elite04, Fade03, Janina14
trade with [personal profile] grandmaestro // -Daathic12, +Raison07

July 8th
trade with [personal profile] hopes // -Hairclips07 +Childstar12
Seiyuu Guess 128 // +Combat16, Bokken20, Nature19
trade with [personal profile] despedia // -Plunder20, Perutan15 +Admire12, Osaka04
trade with [personal profile] ritornello // -Advisor19, Strategy 18 +Anima12, Ostia03

July 9th
trade with [personal profile] adurotum // -Gravity17 +Major14

July 10th
June Pot of Gold // +Faust11, Detached09, Reckless10, Fragarach08, Plasma17, Cooking05
trade with [personal profile] oniclaws // -Sister18 +Dreadlocks04

July 11th
trade with [personal profile] astralfire // -Combat16, Zephyr03 +Military06, Mu02
trade with [personal profile] miyoungie // -Lancorp11 +Misandry02
trade with [profile] estamire -Jinchuu16 +Soldier08
sketchpad turn-in +Gaps20, Porn04, grey crayon

July 12th
gift from [personal profile] trials +Tiny15
trade with [personal profile] oriaon -Cap03 +Withlove20
July 14th
trade with [personal profile] psithurism -098814, Reckless 10 +Mu07, Attache18
Beauty Pageant 63 +Canary13, Pacifist20, Castle20, Notequal16
Switch it up! -Hostile15 +Uranus16
trade with [personal profile] beccastareyes -Boy-crazy09 +Mu13
trade with [personal profile] baredick -Heropon07 +Elite17
Level up! Yellow! +Coach04, German01, Childstar01, blue crayon
trade with [personal profile] bringthefate -Brain09, Gaps20 +Angel02, Wolfbeil10
colors quiz round 6 +Vino15, Koutei09, Robin11, Rhythmic17, Goodluck06, Youcopy15, Greathorn18
Pick a Color 75 +Nun01, Graceful10, Birds20, yellow crayon

July 15th
trade with [personal profile] inarticulate -Porn04 +Ragnell17
Neku's Magic Station 152 +Villains06, Miracles16, Mayor16
Conan's Clues 151 +Chiropteran09, Maouryou11
trade with [personal profile] portaling -blue crayon, Miracles16 +brown crayon, Raison09

July 16th
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 149 +Symetry01, Chef02, Asset15
recycled art +Childstar02, Dreadlocks15, Dreadlocks20, Pigtails09, Pigtails17 Ragnell15, Ragnell16, Ragnell18, Ragnell19, Ragnell20
trade with [personal profile] blood -Rhythmic17 +X-scissor08

July 17th
trade with [personal profile] netbug009 -Castle20, Pacifist20 +Raison02, Tiny10

July 19th
trade with [personal profile] asuna -Notequal15, Cooking05 +Childstar04, Withlove15
trade with [personal profile] blood -purple crayon +brown crayon

July 24th
trade with [personal profile] miyoungie -X-scissor08 +Misandry07
trade with [personal profile] lluvia -Fragarach08 +Misandry03
trade with [personal profile] portaling -Goodluck06 +Cowbell09
sketchpad turn-in +Clothespeg06, Icefairy20, grey crayon

July 25th
trade with [personal profile] fall -Vino14 +Prospero10
trade with [personal profile] eclair -Gourmet10 +Pherae04
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 153 +Disqualified14, Spirited09, Baker07

July 27th
Seiyuu Guess 131 +Honoo12, Nosebleed07, Odinsword08
trade with [personal profile] beccastareyes -Nun01 +Harsh16
trade with [personal profile] fall -Icefairy20 +Diary07
trade with [personal profile] maesterlicious -Mayor16, Disqualified14 +Blue13, Detectives05

July 28th
trade with [personal profile] hyoga -Shattered07, Plasma17 +Anima09, Soothsayer17
trade with [personal profile] preternatural -yellow crayon +brown crayon
colors quiz participation +red crayon, Anima17
trade with [personal profile] syodii -3Moles05 +Angel04
trade with [personal profile] lanvaldear -yellow crayon, green crayon +brown crayon, Anima20

July 29th
trade with [personal profile] ankari -Nature19 +Tea05 (sketchpad complete!)
trade with [personal profile] nepetan -blue crayon x2 +brown crayon x2

July 30th
trade with [personal profile] gammacrank -Baker02 +Ruby05
pick a color 76 +Gangleader08, Meyun13, Dedicated10, Wildchild18
art shop -brown crayon x7 +Childstar 05/08/09/11/15/17/18
sketchpad trade-in +Octbirthday12, Maestro06, red crayon
Mastered Child Star!! +Minuses11, Nyoro13, Manikatti11, orange crayon
pot of gold +Carefree 01, Carefree02, Carefree05, Carefree12, Carefree14, Carefree19, Harsh 03, Harsh09, Harsh15, Reserved02

July 31st
trade with [personal profile] harukami -Maouryuu11 +Pigtails18
trade with [personal profile] blood -Bokken20, Millennium01 +Locket20, Jellyfish05
trade with [personal profile] ceesoo -Faust07, Gangleader08 +Misandry06, Babbit17
Pokeraidar 154 +Taozi16, Constable05, Territory20, Sports19
trade with [profile] iluvia -Tea05, Motorcycle18 +Anima19, Fulfill09

August 1st
trade with [personal profile] tempestuously -Villians06 +Cafe18

August 2nd
trade with [personal profile] skaldadottir -Thunderbolt11 +Forelock19
trade with [personal profile] despedia -Bolverk06 +Elite19
July Pot of Gold (4/4 tasks completed) +After20, Pliskin20, Antique02, Catsndogs06, Influence07, Rumraisin03, Teller11, Soup09, Unrequited07, Copying06, Ridiculous15, Shark20, Snacks18, Prideful08, Hair06, Snowwhite02, Blessed13, Chat09, Falchion13, Stronger06, Persocom06, Jellyfish01, Popstar18, Eleven11, Champion11, Pherae15, Bangle08, Maou11, Planeptune18, Thunderbolt11, Niceboat17, Myths09, Caution03, red crayon, grey crayon
trade with [personal profile] eclair -Sports19 +Ragnell04
trade with [personal profile] totling -Champion11 +Locket08
Beauty Pageant 65 +Wutai05, Swimtrunks12, Doujigiri10, Runesage10

August 4th
trade with [personal profile] adurotum -Bangle08, Copying06 +Harsh01, Ostia04
recycled art +Carefree16, Disinfect02, Disinfect08, Disinfect09, Reserved06, Reserved09, Reserved12, Reserved14, Reserved16, Reserved18
Neku's Music Station 155 + 156 +Hyper15, Geisha17, Carbon19, Delete17, Precious13, Nichirin10
trade with [personal profile] malediction -Geisha17 +Raison20
trade with [profile] barada -Yamaken15 +Angel16
trade with [personal profile] prisma -Myths09 +Cipher07
trade with [personal profile] reneetwist -Clothesepeg06 +Soldier20
trade with [personal profile] blood -Entertainer14, Iris15 +Cafe06, Pigtails07 (Sketchpad complete!)
trade with [personal profile] psithurism -Dedicated10, Minuses11 +Angel09, Jellyfish02
trade with [personal profile] needles -Doujigiri10, Nice Boat17, Prideful08 +Pherae13, Babbit14, Cipher12
trade with [personal profile] triacedia -Shark20 +Jellyfish18
trade with [personal profile] magikarp -Catsndogs06, Stronger06 +Falchion01, Admire10

August 5th
Colors Musical Playground 2 +Inspector12, Harmonius16, Uu18, Bubbles15, American01, Ducati06, Naive01, Hymmeli17, blue crayon x 2
Art Studio -Centurio18, Octbirthday12, Swimtrunks12 +Razorleaf11
trade with [personal profile] chikky -Hyper17 +Durandal07
trade with [personal profile] ulquiorrasch -Delete17, German01 +Dresses10, Falchion10, Ragnell14
trade with [personal profile] ankari -Nyoro13 +Fulfill12
trade with [personal profile] gilbo -Inspector12, Chat09 +Starling01, Babbit04
trade with [personal profile] beccastareyes -Honoo12 +Manikatti08
trade with [personal profile] oriaon -Wildchild18 +Cowbell20
trade with [personal profile] phibby -Naive01 +Jellyfish14
Art Shop -blue crayon +Bubblebeam18, Cyborg17, Rival06, green crayon
Battle of the Bands round 1 -RazorLeaf11, Bubblebeam18 +Twinstar17, Foxes04, Zanarkand18, Ladyship19, Adam13, Mushi17
trade with [personal profile] inarticulate -Harmonius16, Hymmeli17 +Pottery16, Roseprince14
trade with [personal profile] frogberri -Bubbles15, Planeptune18 +Cry11, Liar19
Battle of the Bands round 2 +Logical02, Ero-cook09, XIV01, Crazy12, Tempest03
gift from [personal profile] ulquiorrasch +Uguu07 (sent to Battle of the Bands round 5)

August 6th
trade with [personal profile] namikala -Canary13 +Attache14
Battle of the Bands round 5 +Gretel16, Babied16
Battle of the Bands round 4 +Wisdom16, Chozo17, Thepaper02, Solo03
trade with [personal profile] dialny -Detectives05 +Uncle05
trade with [personal profile] rosa -Uncle05 +Military05

August 7th
trade with [personal profile] teto -Wutai04 +Admire05
gift from [personal profile] ulquiorrasch +First18 (sent to Battle of the Bands round 5)
trade with [personal profile] portaling -Uu18, Gretel16 +Forelock08, Falchion05
trade with [personal profile] rubatosis -Zanarkand18 +Soldier12
trade with [personal profile] yanyan -Teller11 +Reserved19

August 8th
gift for [personal profile] surskit -Lolita16

August 9th
trade with [personal profile] atashi -Nichirin10 +Attache08

August 11th
release post: lonewolf02; hearts04 [personal profile] ivoryandhorn -> lonewolf04; sight14 [personal profile] secretambition -> uranus12; aimless16 [personal profile] estamir -> manikatti16; [personal profile] hatbaron -> lonewolf12; phecda09 [personal profile] prisma -> grey crayon; silverrose07 [personal profile] namikala -> yellow crayon; zagan17 [personal profile] rubatosis -> green crayon

August 12th
Level up! +Television18, Fork12, Ragnell06, blue crayon

August 13th
Recycled Art +Angel01, Angel14, Disinfect16, Dreadlocks14, Cipher01, Cipher02, Cipher03, Cipher04, R-traps03, Shoujo16
Pick a Color 77 +Tanuki16, Perfect09, Tsundere17, Wisdom08

August 14th
Pokéradar 155 +Southitaly09, Illomen10, Unruly16, Clover11
Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 157 +Electricity13, Doujigiri03, Kora12

August 17th
trade with [personal profile] harukami -Adam13 +Withlove08
trade with [personal profile] karayan -Electricity13 +Dreadlocks11
trade with [personal profile] maesterlicious -Wisdom08, Wisdom16 +Siva01, Woodpecker16

August 19th
August scrapbook theme poll +Fox01, Squats15, Exceed09
Battle of the Bands round 8 +purple crayon

August 21st
Host Club Giveaway 69 +Cherryboy16, Galaxian07, Advisor19

August 22nd
Colors Musical Magazine 01 +Curepeach20

August 23rd
Colors Musical Magazine 02 +Screams07
Colors Musical Magazine 03 +Blacklion15
August release post +Guertina03
trade with [personal profile] sinew -Guertina03 +Mu16
trade with [personal profile] oktarose -Foxes04 +Dresses18
trade with [personal profile] oniclaws -Television18, After20 +Luminous15, Purple01
trade with [personal profile] duosion -Nests08 +Thirdroom14
Colors Musical Magazine 04 +Pipe18

August 24th
Colors Musical magazine 05 +Foxhound05

August 25th
Battle of the Bands round 5 -Green crayon +Six04, Sin13, Marriage12, Stressed19
Recycled Art! +Cipher 06, Cipher08, Cipher15, Cipher17, Cipher18, Cipher19, Pasta08, Pasta13, Un-sorcerer14, Y-ko18
Pick a Color 78 +Gryph07, Futon01, Transform01, Drinking06, Maguskiller03

August 26th
Level up! Blue! +Stressed15, Alternate14, Ragnell11, purple crayon

August 27th
Battle of the Bands second place victory!! +Namekian17, Mars11, Fanalis19, Stubborn17, Bell13, Primera19, Devilstrill12, Naska18, Warfare19, Easygoing13, Secret03, Idol02, Mudabijin13, Cakepig15, Nanatsusaya04, Anima01, Anima15, blue crayon x2, green crayon x 2, orange crayon
Battle of the Bands round 16 +Hylia12, Otaku06, Attractive12, Nishi07, Harass15

August 29th
trade with [personal profile] hiba -Illomen10 +Unrequited02
switch it up! -Futon01 +Korobokkuro11
trade with [personal profile] ankari -Coach04 +Cafe07
trade with [personal profile] surskit -Stressed19 +Shattered18
trade with [personal profile] tennseiga -Chiropteran09, Harass15 +Durandal13, Locket11
trade with [personal profile] netbug009 -Otaku06 +Diary10
seiyuu guess 134 +Pegasus04, Champloo19, Caged09
trade with [personal profile] psithurism -Caged09 +Soldier01

August 30th
colors musical magazine issue 07 +Convict01
colors musical magazine issue 08 +Comnet05
colors musical magazine issue 09 +Binbougami20

August 31st
trade with [personal profile] portaling -red crayon x2 +blue crayon x2
colors musical magazine issue 10 +Streamlight13
colors musical magazine issue 11 +Takoyaki15
colors musical magazine issue 12 +Krita-yuga01
colors musical magazine issue 13 +Responsible14
colors musical magazine issue 14 +Pasta01
colors musical magazine issue 15 +Border02
colors musical magazine final issue +Gankutsuou07

September 1st
sketchpad trade-in +Galileo09, Author09, Composed18, Koorime14, purple crayon, yellow crayon
crayon trade-in -blue crayon x6 +Ragnell03/05/07/09/10/13
mastered Ragnell! +Honor02, Soba10, Admire20, brown crayon
Battle of the Bands round 3 +Paprika18, Detective06, Blackrose15, Alliance20, Curewhite10

September 2nd
trade with [personal profile] bats -Eleven11, Maguskiller03 +Locket02, Bride15
recycled art +Siva02/04/05/06/07/09

September 4th
trade with [personal profile] chinchilla -Blacklion15 +Admire14

September 5th
trade with [personal profile] beccastareyes -Snowwhite03, Sin13, Hylia12 +Bell03, Mu17, Mu20
reading between the lines 75 +Excalibur04, Nanyatte15, Emotional11
trade with [profile] nyxnobox -Alliance20, Six04 +Raison17, Reserved13
trade with [personal profile] tempestuously -Paprika18 +Elite08
trade with [personal profile] frogberri -Blessed13, Tanuki16 +Unrequited15, Shoujo15
host club giveaway round 70 +Rebel14, Hyakka19

September 6th
Pokeradar 158 +American03, Fishanima07
Pokeradar 156 +Detectives19, Laevatein08

September 8th
Switch it Up! -Blackrose15 +Bell15
birthday gift +Delete08, Ophiuchus11, Rebellious09, yellow crayon

September 10th
recycled art +Biancaneve05, Daughter08, Diary14, Disinfect17, Harsh10, Siva16
go fish! round 141 +Flask09
pick a color 79 +Offense09, Krisna16, Rising12, Heart12, Sayo11, Blacklion01, College18

September 11th
trade with [personal profile] chinchilla -Tempest03, Blacklion01 +Normal14, Uu05
switch it up 78 -Meyvn13, Odinsword08 +Withlove18, Falchion15

September 13th
trade with [profile] tempestously -Rebel14 +Unwavering01
Conan's clues 160 +Blank16, Glasses10
Conan's clues 161 +Friendship11, Traps06
trade with Aaron -Uu05 +Bell18

September 14th
trade with [personal profile] andallbite -Sayo11 +Babbit03
switch it up 78 -Namekian17 +Shoujo10

September 15th
trade with [personal profile] darjeeling -Lipstick18 +Halloween08

September 17th
trade with [personal profile] hoppip -Fanalis19 +Military01
trade with [personal profile] rubatosis -Cry11 +Misandry11
trade with [personal profile] estamir -laevatein08, twinstar17, birds20 +babbit09, daughter07, pasta02
trade with [personal profile] gilbo -pipe18, heart12, responsible14 +Tiny12, Tiny13, Tiny18
recycled art +Phoenix03, Siva13, Siva15, Siva17 Siva18, Siva20

September 18th
trade with [personal profile] arilyn9 -Champloo19 +Trapnest01
level up! purple +Drinking06, Dorm07, Admire04, yellow crayon
trade with [personal profile] namikala -Devilstrill12, Soba10 +Attache20, Lenster03
reading between the lines 76 +Eins20, Faintattack08, Neighbor10

September 19th
battle of the bands round 7 +Shikon09, Solo09, Bunbunmaru18
battle of the bands round 9 +Maniac12, Mid-childa14, Kaminome16, Defeated18, Guide01
trade with [personal profile] anruik -Unruly16 +Diary20
September release post +Northstar01, Seventh06, Samezuka02, Survive13, Acchan10, Rabbittears13, Fairytales05
trade with [personal profile] swagu -Seventh06 +brown crayon
trade with [personal profile] hoppip -Samezuka02 +brown crayon
trade with [personal profile] estamir -Survive13 +brown crayon
trade with [personal profile] laurant -Acchan10 +brown crayon
trade with [personal profile] frogberri -Rabbitears13 +brown crayon

September 21st
crayon trade-in -brown crayon x 5 +Admire06, Admire08, Admire11, Admire17, Admire19
sketchpad trade-in +Animus12, Helpful12, Nyaa17, Blast15, orange crayon, brown crayon

September 22nd
battle of the bands round 11 +Blueeyes06, Fairytale16, Foul02, Stern08, Radiohost15, Responsible14
host club round 71 +Mainstream14, Meganekko06
september release post +Bel09, Potato04
trade with [personal profile] magikarp -Potato04 +Northstar20

September 23rd
trade with [personal profile] nyxnoxbox -Baker07 +Dreadlocks16
mastered Admire! +Repeat01, Pal02, Misandry18, green crayon
trade with [personal profile] shinsengumi -Bel09 +Angel19
trade with [profile] inarticulatue -Defeated18 +Forelock04

September 24th
trade with [personal profile] puppydere -Nanatsusaya04, Squats 15 +Dresses06, Fulfull05

September 25
trade with [profile] octarose -Kaminome16, Logical02 +Heybo19, Virginbride12
pokeradar 161 +Escaped14, Koorime08, Leeks14
trade with [personal profile] kuranosuke -Mudabijin13 +Soldier13

September 28th
trade with [personal profile] dialny -Faintattack08 +Shoujo20
trade with [personal profile] pleonasm -Pegasus04, Fork20, Nosebleed09 +Angel12, Shoujo11, Soldier05
Switch it up 78 -Marriage12 +Naska13
Crazy Colors 51 -Y-ko18, +Vocal13, Ribbon01, Unicolyon15
trade with [personal profile] ivoryandhorn -Streamlight13, Excalibur04 +Fulfill17, Pherae12
seiyuu guess 137 +Hungrywolf10, Meimei19, Interaction03
crazy colors 51 -Graceful10 +Cats18, Tokunaga06, Sagittarius07
trade with [personal profile] estamir -Chozo17 +Pasta12

September 29th
trade with [personal profile] kues -Bunbunmaru18 +Bell05
trade with [personal profile] psithurism -Koutei09, Detectives19 +Babbit06, Fulfill16

September 30th
trade with [personal profile] hopes -Leeks14 +Babbit20
trade with [personal profile] rubatosis -Peach07 +Soothsayer11
gift to [personal profile] krestomanci -Unicolyon15
gift to [personal profile] morningfield -Curepeach20
gift to [personal profile] tothejackals -Koorime08

October 1st
September pot of gold +Cherry08, Dojo05, Drei18, Flameking16, Gal14, Goldfish15, Grandkid05, Grapes07, Guilty12, Lithuania12, Littledevil18, Lovey-dovey05, Maouryuu04, Melnics10, Mourning10, Mute17 Nyanperona18, Pianist03, Pisces02, Reluctant13, Rising05, Seiken06, Slap20, Standup04, Standup07, Stars05, Stealing16, Train03, Tuxedo17, Vengeance07, Zippo10, Irontail03, Tanabata08, blue crayon, green crayon
trade with [personal profile] harukami -Littledevil18, Cherry08 +Manikatti19, Neptune18
trade with [personal profile] psithurism -Standup04, Standup07 +Admirer05, Sword13

October 2nd
coloring book 59 -Drinking06 +Ambidex03, Fairytales15
trade with [personal profile] harmonium -Curewhite10, Drei18, Tuxedo17 +Deathangel10, Soldier16, Ostia08
reading between the lines 77 +Appetite04, Maxwell03, Loveyou06, Undying20
Miria and Isaac's costume party 164 +Bladerang09, Pluviose04, Smart-mouth07, Voi06

October 3rd
trade with [personal profile] oktarose -Pianist03 +Lenster07
trade with [personal profile] surskit -Pisces02 +Babbit19
seiyuu guess 133 +Monado08, Equestrian16, Cuter10, Vixen19

October 4th
color book 59 -Solarhands12 +Soft08, Thor09
trade with [personal profile] ankari -Solo09 +Attache13
trade with [personal profile] estamir -Vixen19 +Percieve01

October 5th
Help Miss Kamila! 01 +Third18, Imitating09
Delete Shiritori 01 -Greathorn14 +Blackrose13, Akfield07, Shiro05

October 6th
trade with [personal profile] nyxnoxbox -Bladerang09, Melnics10 +Pasta18, Pigtails10
trade with [personal profile] stag -Stealing16 +Cats15
Spare Parts 127 +Wisdom02, Magic16, Biker19, Gynoid04
trade with [personal profile] dialny -Cats18, Pal02 +Reserved05, Pasta17
trade with [personal profile] lanvaldear -Undying20, Voi06, Gal14 +Cowbell13, Korobokkuru20, Obnoxious03
level up! brown +Workaholic19, Bikinis08, Uranus05, purple crayon
Crazy Colors 52 -Virginbride12 +Merines17, Cinqfleches19, Glutton07

October 7th
Coloring Book 59 +purple crayon
trade with [personal profile] prisma -Blackrose13 +Disinfect13
trade with [personal profile] gammacrank -Wisdom02, Merines17 +Locket07, Fade06
trade with [personal profile] estamir -Zippo10 +Carefree17
trade with [personal profile] anruik -Monado08 +Purple09
gift from [personal profile] dialga +Dreadlocks06

October 8th
Host Club Giveaway 72 +Kritya05, Spicy17
reading between the lines 78 +Colony05, Runner11, Nervous07, Singing15, Mulberry03, Survivor20, Daisy19, Henshin10, Piratehat03, Glory01, orange crayon
trade with [personal profile] mllelaurel -Fairytales15, Gynoid04 +Soothsayer10, 8-bit06
recycled art! +Misandry14, Naska02, Patch12, R-traps12, Shoujo12, Shoujo19

October 10th
Beauty Pageant 68 +Headband13, Flower03, Admired19, Phantom03
Miria and Isaac's costume party 165 +Mage11, Ashikabi14, Marbirthday11, Experiments07
Pokeradar 164 +Otoko14, Lipstick05, Kiyohime16, Shadow08, Harmony17, Unknown02, Liar07, Model10, Victory10, Rosewater14
trade with [personal profile] acperience -Mage11 +Locket17
trade with [personal profile] kuranosuke -Nyanperona18 +Impatience10

October 11th
trade with [personal profile] psithurism -Littledevil18 +Admirer02

October 12th
Help Miss Kamilia 2 +Tiger02, Crimson17
trade with [personal profile] shinsengumi -Ambidex03 +Wolfbeil13

October 13th
Crazy Colors 53 -Mulberry03 +Knowledge16, Sparrow01, Touch04
Pokeradar 165 +Outside17, Kaminokoe11, Grace16
Seiyuu Guess 139 +Immigrant08, Schwert15, Salaryman06
Naze's Remodeling Station 01 -Asset16, Takoyaki15 +Flaming06, Wolf13, Ember16, Tatyana15, Mechapilots01
Delete Shitori 02 -Ridiculous15 +Lander16, Alien09, Father17
trade with [personal profile] fall -Maxwell03 +Admirer10
trade with [personal profile] inarticulate -Mourning10 +Misandry20
Crazy Colors 53 -Stubborn17 +Wakening17, Yanderes04, Child11
Kyuubei's Information Exchange 58 -Fox01, Alternate14 +Masked18, Government10, Future18, Saiyawoman04, Robin13, Hogyoku06

October 14th
Recycled Art! +Biancaneve03, Biancaneve18, Biancaneve19, Father14, Greedy17, Brown15
Grafiti 59 +X-scissor07, Zaibatsu10, Summon07, Housework09, Guarddog01

October 16th
trade with [personal profile] empanadas -Meimei19 +Lonewolf19
trade with [personal profile] oktarose -Outside17, Kaminokoe11 +Caelin19, Older01
trade with [profile] tempstuously -Blueeyes06 +Naska19
trade with [personal profile] admiral -colony05, helpful12, interaction03, koorime14, krita-yuga01, pliskin20, sword13, zaibatsu10 +misandry12, babbit08, carefree08, elite13, osaka20, pasta03, patch06, pigtails03
Coloring Book 60 -Headband13 +Romeo04, Mochi17; -Drinking06 +Letter01, Canaan18

October 18th
Conan's Clues 166 +Bell19, Melons19, Blackmage04

October 19th
Help Miss Kamilia! 3 +Parties18, Kattobing03
Kyuubei's Information Exchange -Youcopy15, Summon07 +Single20, Ironheart04, Catcher09, Fun07, Biancaneve01, Shaolin12
Delete Shitori 03 -Thirdroom14 +Telekinesis20, Shannaro03, Faithful01

October 20th
trade with [personal profile] oktarose -Mute17 +Lenster16
trade with [profile] kuranosokue -Thor09, Ember16 +Biancaneve09, Caelin01
trade with [personal profile] harukami -Tatyana15 +Babbit16
trade with [personal profile] hamiltonian -Flaming06, Survivor20 +Deathangel02, Logic13

October 21st
Colors Chat 01 +Dinosaur13, East14, Maid-chan18, Dyaus01, Artist10

October 22nd
Reading Between the Lines 80 +Instructor13, Kshatriya04, Mother10, Macaroon18, Lander10, Feathers17, Kaka17, Obnoxious07, Coroner15, Ladiesman07, yellow crayon
trade with [personal profile] swagu -Animus12, Grace16 +Withlove06, Reserved20
Level up! Grey! +Pageant11, Iwa-chan12, Misandry05,* purple crayon
Art lessons with Rukia 152 +Haro05, Crimson20
Crazy Colors 24 -American15 +Basketballs04, Odango08, Iwa-chan18

October 23rd
Seiyuu Guess 140 +Kaijou07, Fengshui13, Ignored20, Thepaper01, Cure15, Evolver15, Mu05, Knights12, Archer05, Plunder01, purple crayon

October 26th
Help Miss Kamilia 4 +Happyend19, Petal11

October 27th
Delete Shitori 04 -Unknown02 +Shannaro13, Geika15, Toilet16

October 28th
graffiti 60 +Uncouth12, Imitation01, Blackrabbit20, Regulus19, Curse07

October 29th
trade with [personal profile] gammacrank -Tokunaga06 +Pasta20
trade with [personal profile] kues -Border02, Yanderes04 +Disinfect07, Falchion17
trade with [profile] tricedia -flameking16, ironheart04, maid-chan18, melons09, ribbon01, and salaryman06 +military11, elite14, peterpan03, unwavering06, unwavering17 and unwavering20
October release +Surgeon01, Usas18, Selfish13, Tatyana09, Survey09, Express09, Falling01, Pebble01, Galax18, Arc06, Sisters10
trade with [personal profile] harukami -Usas18 +Misandry04
trade with [personal profile] stag -Selfish13, Survey09 +Soothsayer12, Surgeon03
trade with [personal profile] admiral -Tatyana09 +Surgeon02
trade with [personal profile] haifisch -Express09 +Surgeon05
trade with [profile] aceperience -Fishanima07 +Raison05
Naze's Remodeling Station 02 -Blast15, Loveyou06 +Biscuit11, Grandkid03, Highspirited08, Otouto08, Seja10
Coloring Book 60 +Warlord19
trade with [personal profile] laurant -Canaan18 +Allies10

October 30th
Crazy Colors 55 -Precious13 +Ivrogne08, Magiccancel19, Toys13
Isaac and Miria's Costume Party +Madness15, Moe19, Rayofhope10, Thumbsup02